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Fancy being a DJ on Krocks? Well when in the channel just tell an OP you are interested, easy!  Take a look at the DJ schedules from the link on the left side to find a day and time to suit you. Go on you know you want to!! Oh you must be reliable (No time wasters please) and before you ask, no you don't get paid!

For Non-members of Krocks you are invited to join our radio chat room for the live radio shows, just click the link above and allow java to run if asked and also select allow in windows firewall if asked

Chat on Radio Rocks Ops Page

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Ever wondered where you can get high-quality karaoke tracks to sing and even record your own songs?

Join our network on irc and start singing today!

We have just about every song ever made for the karaoke format and we're here to help you get started with one of the greatest hobbies around

Boogyrocks Radio is up and running so keep sending in your songs

Record your own songs in MP3 format and send in to Boogyrocks Radio  Upload

The cost...? Just your enthusiasm!

Come See For Yourself,  Every Song Known To Man, Well Maybe Not Every Song! but Man Oh Man... We have a lot, All absolutely FREE!

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